Friday, March 4, 2011

Communication and Technology

Communication is a way to express feelings, thoughts and ideas ultimately with great benefits. Nowadays, with all the communication technology in the world, our lives have greatly changed. Communication has affected economic growth political focus and social networking through, cell phones, TV and other technology (Irene,2008). In the following paper, the benefits and drawbacks of communication through technological means will be examined.
Communication through technology works very well these days. Many people cant live without communication tools such as the Internet and phones. Historically, communication was limited because there the methods were slow and limited. Communication was through the mailman, which took days and weeks to receive the mail. Now communicating quickly and conveniently is a common daily routine that almost every one does both locally and internationally.
Using the Internet to communicate is very important these days. As (Kraut, R., Mukhopadhyay, T., Szczypula, J., Kiesler, S., & Scherlis, W.,1999).) contends communication through the Internet is modified, interactive, and spontaneous. Sending emails has become very popular as a person can choose who receives emails and who can blindly read them. Mails are commonly discussed as ways to dialogue with family, friends, and coworker. However, companies and particularly advertisers use email to communicate with customers. They also use it to reach target groups like young adults. Similarly schools are using email to communicate with students and in the case of university students, email has become one of the primary methods to communicate with professors. Professionally socially or educationally, the Internet is a powerful widely used too.
When it comes to new technology, smart phones are the most popular. In fact new language has developed because of them. Thirty years ago, aps, I phones, text messaging downloads and acronyms like LOL never existed. Now many people communicate through this technology several times a day sending and receiving texts or using chatting programs that were downloaded in their phones. Whether its instant messenger or I phone apps, smart phones are the communication devices many cant live without.
When it comes to the benefits of the new communication technology, one of the most noticeable is you can take it anywhere. For example, using the smart phones, chatting online, and using programs such as Skype can be while walking, driving or flying. Programs such as Skype enable users to talk to family and friends while out of state or in another country. No only convenient and easy to use programs like Skype cost less than having a home phone so it is very popular among students. For more professional uses the smart phone is widely used. People are using it for work, and business. Many companies have recognized that with these devices employees can work from anywhere so efficiency is better. Communication might be through chatting online. It might be collecting or sending information. No matter what the purpose, the cost efficiency of phone use far outweighs in person communication.
These days, life pace is fast and very demanding Communication technology is being used to make life easier and more flexible. However, this form of communication had disadvantages. We have reduced face-to-face communication, which is social and vital to forming close relationships. In addition and more importantly there is the issue of safety. Personal and identity safety is a concern for individuals and governments alike.
Security Concerns:
With technology communication devices came hackers and thieves. They steal personal information, money, and identity. It has become increasingly easier to get addresses, and bank account information. Even sensitive government information can be hacked. No technology communication device is 100% secure which is an issue many ignore. Another issue that affects users is viruses. Viruses can have effects that range from disruption to destruction of phones. Lost information can be more than inconvenient when it is a business phone that stores important information.
Communication through this wide technology helps us. By using the Internet and smart phones keep people connected to each other. It has been changing the whole world completely in each major, and we still cant live without it even though it has some disadvantages. We can’t deny the fact that using such as the Internet and smart phones is keeping us close to our family and friends in each minute.


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